Emet Sosna

emetsosna.com Ausbildung MFA, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, Brooklyn, NY, 2009 BFA, California College of Arts, San Francisco, CA 2004 School of the Art Institute of Chicago Ausstellungen 2016 Plant Sale, Rabbit Hole, Brooklyn, NY 2016 Flower, Hudson…WeiterlesenEmet Sosna

Anna Wakitsch

annawakitsch.com Anna Wakitsch creates delicate, jewel-like moments on an intimate scale. Inspired by the 17th century painter Vermeer, she weaves together themes of the figure, jewels, light and perception. In Vermeer’s paintings, the glass lens and its optical artifacts act…WeiterlesenAnna Wakitsch

Rebecca Orcutt

www.beckyorcutt.com Rebecca Orcutt’s work explores the absurdity found in daily life. It incorporates familiar objects which are elevated to a sacred importance not observed in their ordinary function in everyday life. Often, the figures are focused upon these objects, expecting…WeiterlesenRebecca Orcutt

Danica Lundy

www.danicalundy.com I think about art as a living, walking, talking entity— a creative force that reveals itself in many complex and curious forms. One of the most riveting aspects of this entity is the people who make it come alive.…WeiterlesenDanica Lundy

Anastasiya Tarasenko

www.atarasenko.com When I was 12 years old, my artwork and poetry sent me to the principal’s office where she asked me in a tone forever burned into my memory, “Are you suicidal honey?”. I was frustrated (albeit not suicidal) but…WeiterlesenAnastasiya Tarasenko

Antonia Wright

www.antoniawright.com Gefördert durch Antonia Wright benutzt ihren eigenen Körper als Projektionsfläche, um von dort aus Themen, die das menschliche Befinden betreffen, zu hinterfragen. Als Konzept- und Performancekünstlerin schafft sie starke visuelle Kontexte, um die menschliche Wahrnehmung zu beeinflussen. In den…WeiterlesenAntonia Wright

Raiya Al Rawahi

Website Raiya Al Rawahi Sponsored by / in Cooperation with: Raiya al Rawahi is a self-taught conceptional artist who works primarily with sound. She began experimenting with sound and making audible Art while doing her master’s degree in Italy. Her…WeiterlesenRaiya Al Rawahi

Lisa Chandler

www.lisachandler.co.nz Lisa Chandler’s art practice involves global wandering to experience places and spaces, punctuated by intense months of studio-based work in New Zealand. Her paintings are responses to contemporary life and culture, and in particular, the tensions between place and…WeiterlesenLisa Chandler

Gabriel Zea

www.gabrielzeaart.com Ausbildung 2013-2015 New York Academy of Art, Masters in Fine Art in Painting, New York, NY 2013 Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Bachelors in Painting, Baltimore, MD 2011-12 MICA in Osaka, Japan hosted by CET Academic Programs, Advanced…WeiterlesenGabriel Zea

Madeleine Kelly

www.madeleinekelly.com.au German-born Madeleine Kelly, who arrived in Australia in 1980, is a visual artist who primarily works in painting. She majored with 1st class Honours in Fine Art from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in 1999, and her…WeiterlesenMadeleine Kelly