Sophia Janatti

lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 2007 she received a Diploma of art at Kunstakademie Kampen. From 2008 to 2009 she participated in the Residency Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.


Solo exhibitions

2010 Solo Noordwijk Aan Zee, NL

2009 Solo Projectspace, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
Selected exhibitions
2011 Beyond Men&Power, with Sidyon Cucaro, Geleen NL
Participant Masterclass with Tania Bruguera and Thomas Hirschhorn
Van Abbe Museum, Eindoven, NL

2010 10 selected works of Rijksakademie, Kunstraum,Düsseldorf, DL

2009 Open Dagen, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam

2008 Den Bosch, in collaboration with Papa Adama, Workshop
Kunstakademie Amsterdam

2007 Thank you Father, Graduation Exhibition, Kampen, NL

2011 ZL-cultuuragenda

2010 <H>ART expositie bijlage

2010 L’HOMO bijlage: FUN FACTS

2007 KUNSTBEELD jong talent