Zeke Decker

lives and works in the USA. Artist Statement: Without an open process, I believe my artwork is limited or obstructed. I accommodate the immediate moment as well as a extended plan in the moment of making and believe this is as direct a process as possible in bridging the mind with the medium. Free from obstructions, the process can express the vulnerability of the creator’s “now.” This is important in my work because it allows my body to truly become unified with the paint: where the thought goes, the hand follows. Trying to maintain a clear connection between my state of mind and the work itself is a constant challenge. Ultimately, I attempt to project what is thought into paint in an effort to illustrate a “voice” or aspect of living. Giving a sense or better yet an expression of life is my ultimate goal.

A great piece of art reflects a full life based on its formal qualities. It does not only speak in narratives, it surpasses them. I see its function as awakening our interests in a fuller life, a life that transcends the literal and the immediate through the “now.”

Selected Exhibitions
2012 Oracle 113, Group Show, NY
Time In: small works auction, Good Question Gallery, NY

2011 No Exit, Secret Theatre, NY
Pop Up Pianos, Sing for Hope, NY

2010 Here & There, Mali, Africa
Webster Hall, NY

2009 Inside/Outside, Pop Up Gallery, NY