Jordan Marani

Ausblidung/ Beruf
1988 – 1990    Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting), Victoria College, Prahran
2008 – 2011    Founder/ Co-director, Hell Gallery, Melbourne >>


2016  SHIT Happens, Ararat Regional Art Gallery, Ararat
2016  Plonk, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2015  Drawing Wall commission, Shepparton Art Museum, Shepparton
2014  Colourful Language: The Charm Offensive, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2013  Idiot as an Artist, West Space, Melbourne >>
2013  Xmas is a Four-Letter Word, Daine Singer, Melbourne
2011  Ten Pound Poms and Other Stories, Static Gallery, Liverpool
2011  The Rest is Silence, Death Be Kind Gallery, Melbourne (with Jess Johnson)
2010  Who cut the cheese? Two giants of contemporary art talk frankly of monumental tasks, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne (with Jess Johnson)
2009  Home is Where My Hell Is, Gippsland Centre for Art and Design (with Jess Johnson)
2009 Hell is Other People, Inflight Gallery, Hobart (with Jess Johnson)
2009  Flippin Heck, Hell Gallery, Melbourne (with Jess Johnson)
2008  Hellraiser: The Directors Cut, Hell Gallery, Melbourne (with Jess Johnson)
2007  This is Not a Love Schlong, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne (with Jess Johnson)
2001  Recent Works by Jordan Marani, Yelza, Melbourne
1996  For Your **** Pleasure, West Space, Melbourne
1994  Liquid Assets, Saratoga Night Club, Melbourne
1993  Binge, Studio 12, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne
1992  Head, Studio 12, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne

2017  Affects on Absorption, LIA Leipzig, Germany
2017  Open House, True Estate, Melbourne
2017  Icon, Richmond Town Hall, Melbourne
2017  Restless, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
2017  Bundoora Homestead, Melbourne
2016  ACCA in the City, public art, ACCA, Melbourne
2016  Invited, Spinnerei Leipzig, Germany
2016  Is this thing on? Counihan Gallery, Melbourne
2015  Science Friction, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne
2015  Spring 1883, The Establishment, Sydney
2015  The 3rd Bus Projects Editions, Bus Projects, Melbourne
2014   I Probably Don’t Like You, curated by Nick Devlin and Fergus Binns, The Alderman, Melbourne
2014  Faux Museum, c3, Melbourne
2014  Spring 1883 Art Fair, Melbourne
2014  Melbourne Art Fair Pop-Up, curated by Barry Keldoulis, Melbourne Art Fair at Cutler & Co, Melbourne
2014  No Werk, curated by Ace Wagstaff, Trocadero, Melbourne
2014  Industrial Estate, curated by Kym Maxwell, Melbourne
2014  Moreland Summer Show, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne
2013  Drunk vs. Stoned III, curated by Geoff Newton, Neon Parc, Melbourne
2012  Deakin Small Sculpture Prize, Finalist, Deakin University Gallery, Victoria
2010  No Soul For Sale, Tate Modern, London
2010   Harrell Fletcher: The Sound We Make Together, National Gallery of Victoria
2010   NotFair, Block Projects, Melbourne
2010  The Memorial, Death Be Kind Gallery, Melbourne
2009  Lorne Sculpture Exhibition, Lorne
2008  Honk If You Love Contemporary Art, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane
2008  Flux Capacitor, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne
2008  Dirty Popsicles, Peloton Gallery, Sydney
2008   Informal Rituals, TCB Gallery, Melbourne
2007  Cut n’ Paste, Peloton Gallery, Sydney
2000 – 2006  Helen Gory Gallery, Artists Garden, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Victoria Park Gallery
1990s  National Gallery of Victoria, George Paton Gallery, West Space, 200 Gertrude Street, Geelong Regional Art Gallery, Linden Gallery, Monash Gallery of Art,Tolarno Gallery, Deutscher Gallery, Ray Hughes Gallery

2016  Bayside Prize finalist
2015  Darebin Art Prize finalist
2013  Australia Council Mid-Career Grant
2012  Deakin Small Sculpture Prize, Finalist, Deakin University Gallery, Victoria
2011  Australia Council Liverpool Residency
1991-1993  200 Gertrude Street Studio Resident

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