LIA OPEN STUDIOS 26/10 5-9pm

5-9 pm, LIA International Art Programme, Spinnerei Str. 7, Halle 18, OG 2

‘BREATHWISH’, 130 x 130 x 60 cm, Hare’s-foot clower and cobber wire, Caroline Thon, photo courtesy of Saki Hoshino

All current LIA fellows will open their studios for a very last time before departure to give the chance to the public to experience their work practice and experience after a residency of three months. As a final Open Studio event, we will witness the conclusion of their stay in LIA and may experience one performances and one intervention by Uliana Bychenkova because of 60 years sister city partnership between Kiew and Leipzig. Thanks to the generous support of the Goethe-Institut and the continuing Northern as well as Pacific Leipzig projects, artists from Northern Europe are currently meeting artists from the Pacific region and will be exhibiting together in SCAPING! and opening their studios. The word scaping derives from an archaic variant of escape. Meeting, sharing living and work space as well as participating in vivid discussions in an unknown culture and country not knowing each other beforehand has formatted this special exhibition and event showing works by the following artists:

Atli Bollason (Iceland)

Caroline Thon (Denmark)

Meita Meilita (Indonesia)

Uliana Bychenkova (Ukraine)

Theo Nugraha (Indonesia)

6 pm intervention Uliana Bychenkova (sister city exchange Kiew-Leipzig)
7 pm performance Theo Nugraha (Goethe Institut Indonesia)