Jett llagan

Sound of X

Jett llagan aka Escuri is a music producer and multimedia artist from Philippines. His audio works revolves around composition of music to emphasize cultural soundscapes through cultural immersion, the use of field recordings of urban environments and interaction with people and nature. 

His works aim to explore ‘genus loci’ [ spirit of place/ community ] in relation to sound, through rhythm analysis and soundwalking. One of his projects titled Audio Tour, is a project that makes use of music or sound as a means of guiding the listeners and inciting them to look at a specific location through a different sense of the body aside from sight: hearing. 

Other projects include an audio-visual performance titled “Going Home”, a project that is composed of hand-drawn musical notations and a musical composition reflecting the act of commuting from school and work which is showcased at TEDxADMU. And most recently, an ongoing musical project with Goethe Institute Philippines and Singapore titled “Sound of City.”


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