Jevon Chandra

Still from Across a Small Distance, Version 1 (2021),

Jevon Chandra is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. Taking on the forms of installations and time and context-bound interventions, his art projects estimate the interplays between doubt and belief, as present in acts of caring, meaning-making, and holding faith. Through sound and multimedia design, his practice also extends into artistic support in the performing and media arts. Presently, he is an active member of Singapore-based socially-engaged arts collective Brack @heybrack, and is working on conceiving his practice as a long-term endeavour sustained by collaboration, decency, and patience.

During his time in LIA, he will gather material for a new line of inquiry on how ideologies are embedded in musical forms. Taking the hymns he grew up with as the first point of departure, he will begin with looking at how shifting notions of religious and musical harmony/disharmony intermingle, and where space can be made therein for ambiguities and contradictions to exist.