Nikolay Alekseev

  lives and works in Voronezh, Russia. He studied at Voronezh School of Visual Art. Twice innovation award nominee in the field of contemporary visual art (Russia). 2012 and 2013 nominee for Kandinsky Prize (Short List). He is founder of…WeiterlesenNikolay Alekseev

Barbara Cartier

lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Barbara Cartier about her work: „The continous motion of acts, feelings, thoughts, moods and words that shape the ordinary life is what I explore: the dynamic of human linkages. These are cadences of…WeiterlesenBarbara Cartier

Bianca Tainsh

lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Bianca about her work: „My recent practice consists of social investigations informed through vigorous research using print, electronic and interviewing techniques. An analytical approach to process results in works that are highly considered and…WeiterlesenBianca Tainsh

Alicia Brown

lives and works in New York. She studies at New York Academy of Art. Alicia Brown about her work: „My work is a visual performance, depicting a sub- culture in Jamaica. I am examining the phenomenon of hair dressing as…WeiterlesenAlicia Brown

Krista Smith

lives and works in New York. Student of New York Academy of Art. Krista Smith about her work: „My need to observe, analyze, even scrutinize female form is rooted in personal experience and insecurity brought on by the constant nagging…WeiterlesenKrista Smith

Tim Buckley

lives and works in New York. He studies at New York Academy of Art. Tim about his work: „My current work mixes personal narrative with humor. Very often my own distress is the butt of the joke. Collage is extremely…WeiterlesenTim Buckley

Sophia Janatti

lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 2007 she received a Diploma of art at Kunstakademie Kampen. From 2008 to 2009 she participated in the Residency Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.   Solo exhibitions 2010 Solo Noordwijk Aan Zee, NL 2009 Solo…WeiterlesenSophia Janatti

Jèrôme Zonder

  Born 1974 in Paris, lives and works in Paris. 2005 Zonder received the Premier Prix Marin.   Solo Exhibitions 2012 – KINDERSPIELE – U37 – RAUM FÛR KUNST – BERLIN 2011 – LES ENFANTS DU PARADIS – GALERIE EVA…WeiterlesenJèrôme Zonder