Josephine Hellen Franklyn

Josephine Hellen Franklyn’s practice centres on investigations of impermanence, complexity and multiplicity. Her practice incorporates installation, sculpture, video, found ephemera, collage, assemblage, drawing, light and shadow. She does not have a singular aesthetic or visual language, instead working with found materials and site specificity.

Having just completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), she has spent the past year considering how impermanence, complexity and multiplicity manifest in the formation and perpetuation of social structures. She is particularly interested in social genealogies, the social theories of Manuel DeLanda, Chantal Mouffe and Michel Foucault, and in considering how installation practices, re-contextualisation and the re-purposing of everyday objects can contribute (both directly and indirectly) to social commentary.

2013-15 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) RMIT University
2016 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours) RMIT University (First Class)

Solo Exhibition
2017 The Australian Embassy, Berlin

Group Exhibitions
2015 White Gloves Evening, RMIT 67 Franklin St. Melbourne, VIC
2015 700s Arts Festival, RMIT Library 360 Swanston St. Melbourne, VIC
2016 Museum of international connectivity, The Dirty Dozen, underpass under Degraves St. Melbourne, VIC
2016 Paradise Lost, Paradise Hills Gallery, 1-9 Doonside St, Richmond VIC
2016 From The Archive, George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne, Union House, Union Rd. Melbourne, VIC

2015 Very Liveable As is, with Room to Polish Presentation, 147 Albion St. Brunswick, Melbourne.

2016 Catalogue Essay, From the Archive, at George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne

Recent Awards and Residencies
2017 Artist Residency, The Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, Western Australia
2017 The School of Art Honours International Artist Residency and Travel Award, hosted by LIA Leipzig International Art Program, Germany

147 Albion street, Brunswick, VIC
+61 466 985 672